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What is Pain?
What is Chiropractic?  
How Chiropractic Can Help
Now is the Time!
​Pain in your musculoskeletal system is often caused by muscle spasms and bony malposition (subluxation).  These muscle spasms and subluxations activate pain nerves, which then gives you the sensation of pain.  This sensation of pain, while annoying, is important because it alerts you that there is a problem in your body.

It helps to think of your pain as a fire alarm.  If you are in your house and a fire alarm goes off, the first thing you are likely to do is to make sure there is no fire.  It would seem counter-intuitive to pull the batteries in that fire alarm before you even checked for a fire.

But that is what people do with their body everyday!  If a person feels pain, the first thing he or she should do is look for the cause!  Think about it.  If your body is in pain and the first thing you do is pop a painkiller than you have missed the real problem.  And that problem may have a simple solution!

​Chiropractic is a natural and effective way to treat your spinal conditions and to heal your pain. People often think that a certain amount of pain is normal in their lives.  This is not the case! Pain is not the normal result of getting older either!  Pain is just a way that your body tells you that there is something wrong.
We are the experts in treating subluxation and muscle spasms! Adjustments are a pain-free and effective method of correcting spinal misalignments and decreasing tension in the back.  At Positive Edge Chiropractic, you will receive a thorough diagnosis and individual treatment plan specific to your condition.
It is time to get pain out of your life for good!  So many people have forgotten what it feels like to be truly well.  Isn't it time for you to rediscover feeling excellent and life a pain-free life?

​Positive Edge Chiropractic wants to help you achieve your wellness goals.  Give our office a call and we would love to help you.  Come see why a recent Blue Cross study found that chiropractic care was the least expensive and highest patient satisfaction of any health care provider.